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American Woodworker Magazine: January/February 1989



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It's hard to believe, but the calendar says it's true. It's been a whole year since Founding Editor Jim Jennings handed over the reins of AMERICAN WOODWORKER and said, "Here, kid. It's your turn to drive." We've put together a winning team in the last twelve months—new editors, art directors, ad sales and circulation staff—the best folks we could find.


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K.W. Bush wrote re: American Woodworker Magazine: January/February 1989
on 11-05-2009 11:44 AM

This is a must Read!! If not the different plans then, look at the ads. Just can't believe how much everything has gone up in 20yrs. I sure do wish we can pay those prices now. Loved the all of the how to's. Thanks for letting us look back 20 years.