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American Woodworker Magazine: April 1991



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 From the Letter from the Editor:


We got a letter recently from a frustrated reader who criticized us for publishing furniture projects that called for tools and machinery he didn't own and couldn't afford to buy. "I don't have a machine shop full of specialty tools," was the way he put it. I know how he feels.
I remember a time when my workshop consisted of a box full of hand tools and a door thrown across a couple of oil drums in the roach-infested basement of a New York City brownstone. Urban woodworkers develop a keen eye for scrounging, and I was always on the lookout for choice bits of wood that someone had put out with the trash. One day, I hit the jackpot—a broken chest of drawers with curly maple drawer fronts. I loaded up all the pieces I could carry.
A friend was about to be married that week, and a the eleventh hour, I decided to make her a dovetailed candlebox with a sliding lid. The maple drawer fronts beckoned. The problem was that the 1/2-in. thick candlebox sides were somewhere in the middle of those 3/4-in. thick drawer fronts, and all I had were hand tools. I had to get that box built fast, so I grabbed a marking gauge and a plane and went to work. . .


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