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American Woodworker Magazine: January/February 1991


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 From the Letter from the Editor:

Most of us make New Year's resolutions this time of year. We at AW made on we intend to keep: We pledge to satisfy our readers.
To keep our part of the bargain, we need feedback from you. What are your woodworking interests? What turns you on most? What kinds of articles do you want to see more of in the year to come?
We learn about some of you by mailing out surveys. Unfortunately, each survey can reach only a fraction of our 200,000 subscribers. We think it only fair that you all have a chance to vote—a chance to let us know if we're on the right track.
So take a moment to tell us your thoughts!

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Howard Van Huis wrote re: American Woodworker Magazine: January/February 1991
on 09-22-2012 7:36 PM

I remember reading this issue when it came out. I probably have this issue in My file. I never have thrown any magazine away