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American Woodworker Magazine: October 1991



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 From the Letter from the Editor:

A few months ago, Time magazine ran a cover story entitled, "The Simple Life: Americans Get Back to Basics." Monitoring the pulse of the people as they do, the pundits at TIme were the first to note a trend in the making. Fast-track baby boomers, who pushed it flat-out through the high-rolling '80s, are hitting the brakes in a panic as the S curves of midlife loom dead ahead. Burnt out from their high-paying, high-stress careers, these one-time workaholics are rejecting the rat-race and rediscovering the basic values of family, home and hearth.

If the trend-spotters at TIme are correct, these baby boomers should be showing up in the ranks of AW readers. After all, if it's basic values you're looking for, you can't find a more down-to-earth pastime than woodworking—a venerable craft that's just steeped in tradition. . .


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