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Insanity workout is really intense because it is designed to make you fit in 60 days. This article will help you gain knowledge about the benefits that you can get from this work out and why it is becoming more popular nowadays. This work out was released in 2009 and was dubbed as the hardest work out put on DVD. This is because of how the creator of the program structured the work outs. The key to this program is the max interval training. In the traditional interval training, you start with a cardiovascular exercise at a moderate level. After 30 seconds or a minute, you take it up to a higher level and then go back to the moderate level of exercise. The insanity is different. In max interval training, you have to work out as hard as you can for three minutes and then get a 30 second break. After that you need to work out again for another three minutes and again get a 30 second break. This will continue for the entire work out which runs from 45-60 minutes. This work out will really challenged you as you alternate your workout between aerobics and anaerobic performed at your max. This workout will push you to your limits as you perform the plyometric and cardio drills with intervals of power, strength, core training and resistance. It does not require any equipments or shape in order for you to do this work out. As long as you are ready to do it, this kind of work out will give you insane results in just 60 days. Does this work out really work? There are lots of people already who have tried this work out and they can testify to its result. For your convenience, you can read reviews online and see what other people can say about it. Surely, most of them will tell you how effective this work out was and how fast it can put you on shape. As stated earlier, insanity workout will last for about 40-60 minutes and it will make you burn 1000 calories every time you do the work out. As you push yourself to the limits there will be no reason for your body not to be in shape in just 2 months. So, if you are in search of a work out that can give you effective and fast result, insanity program is the best choice for you.