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Reclaimed cypress lumber tips??


My remodeling company recently remodeled an old restaurant in SC. We demo'd out the ceiling complete with fax box beams of wood.

I have determined the wood to be rough sawn cypress. I have about 400 bf that needs to "cleaned up" prior to use. 1 side of each board is painted, probably lead based.

Has anyone run this type of wood through their planer? Any tips on cleaning up this wood would be helpful. I do not own a jointer, band saw or drum sander. wood is 5/4 x 10-12"

Thanks in advance.


Steve Metcalf wrote re: Reclaimed cypress lumber tips??
on 11-08-2009 11:47 PM

I've used cypress lumber for years, often picking up pieces of scrap from a log home co's scrap pile. I cut/sand/finish cypress the same way I do with fur or pine. It is a soft wood with beautiful grain. For one side painted, if your jointer allows a deep run I'd do that. I have run cypress through my planer taking over 1/16h of an inch per pass. That should be enough to remove the paint, at least that not soaked into the grain. Good luck. Let me know how it works out. I've got access to cypress should you need more.