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Aoyue 2702 Review


No other repair station comes close!

This is a very complete station that will enable you to work on a wide variety of projects. The heat from the heat gun is even and regular. Several nozzles are included, and many others are available at low prices. An extra heating element is also included. The soldering iron heats up very quickly. The solder extractor works much better than I had expected, though it did take a bit of getting used to. The De-soldering gun works better than others I have tried. It's easy to clean as well, which you should do after every use. The also include a suction cup IC removal pen. This is not powered by the vacuum line, but is instead operated by a button on the side of the device. The stand for the soldering iron accepts standard rolls of solder, and has a nice weight that is very stable. All in all, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who is into electronics creation or repair as a hobby.



  • All in One station the combines a Hot Air Rework Gun with a Soldering Iron and a Desoldering Gun.
  • Microprocessor Controlled ESD safe unit
  • All Digital display of air temperature, soldering iron temperature and air pressure.
  • 70 watt soldering iron is great for the lead free alloys.
  • De-soldering tool comes with zero crossing circuitry preventing electrical surges.


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