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Farm Table


Farm Table

You don't need a dream shop to build this dream project

By Tim Johnson

Aside from feeding the flock (this table seats a flock of eight), a big surface where you can spread things out is invaluable, for computing, writing, hobbies or for kids' activities. A large table is the perfect gathering place for today's open kitchens and great rooms, and you can build this one even if you don't have a dream shop with lots of huge machinery.

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Clamp the cauls to the work surface with the top sandwiched between. Then tighten the pipe clamps, starting at the center and working out to the ends. Remove the glue squeeze-out at the joints after it sets up, but before it hardens. After gluing, trim the long edges with the router and straightedge so they’re straight and parallel.

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Turn the legs from laminated 3-1/2" square blanks, then order the legs through the mail.

Apply a tourniquet to square the base after final assembly. Do this before the glue sets. Shorten the longer side by adding tension until both diagonals measure the same.

Capture the dovetailed rail between the mounting blocks. After applying glue, set the rail on the runner and snug it against the first block. Then slide the second block tight against the rail and fasten it.

Attach the base. Allow for seasonal movement of the top by using screws at the center of each short apron and support brace and S-shaped metal fasteners everywhere else. To position the base for fastening, align centerlines drawn on each of its sides with corresponding lines drawn on the top. Then clamp the base in place.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2000, issue #82.

October 2000, issue #82

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