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Mission Plant Stand


Mission Plant Stand

By Dave Munkittrick

Here’s a great project for displaying houseplants and adding a little charm to any corner of your house. The tripod leg design is rock-steady, even on a tiled or uneven floor. The wide bottom shelf can hold a large potted plant and anchors the stand both visually and physically. The open top shelf can handle a variety of plant or pot shapes and sizes.

This stand is made with riftsawn white oak. The oak fits the stand’s quasi-Mission style and the straight riftsawn grain emphasizes the vertical thrust of the long tapered legs.

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Taper the legs on a bandsaw. If you use a tapering jig, remember to double the angle when you cut the second taper. If you saw the tapers freehand, clean the edges with a hand plane or on the jointer.

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Cut the triangular shelves using a miter gauge set to 60-degrees. Nip off the two small corners on a miter saw.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker May 2008, issue #135.

May 2008, issue #135

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