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  • AW Extra 7/3/14 - Collapsible Work Table

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, July 1, 2014
    Collapsible Work Table Every shop needs a work table or two. In cramped shops, it’s great to have the table the right height for assembly, as well as infeed and outfeed support for power tools. Here’s a unit that has adjustable height, compensates...
  • AW Extra - Torsion-Box Workbench and Expandable Assembly Table

    by American Woodworker Editors     Friday, May 13, 2011
    Torsion-Box Workbench and Expandable Assembly Table Double your work space without doubling your shop space. By Randy Johnson and Luke Hartle In our shop, we used to pile tools, parts and hardware on top of a wobbly workbench made from 2x4s. When we had...
  • AW Extra 3/6/14 - Wedged-Base Workbench

    by American Woodworker Editors     Thursday, May 12, 2011
    Wedged-Base Workbench Tablesaw joinery locks it together. By Tim Johnson This workbench has a top ready for hard use. But it’s the base that catches your eye. The interlocking joinery, with its dovetails and wedges, is rock solid, yet it knocks...
  • Solar Kiln

    by American Woodworker Editors     Tuesday, September 29, 2009
    Solar Kiln Dry Your Own Wood Fast and Hassle-Free By Dave Munkittrick Wood is expensive. And extra-wide or figured wood is practically beyond reach. Over the 25-plus years I’ve been a professional woodworker, wood seems to have taken a cue from...
  • Sycamore Pantry

    by AW-Editor     Tuesday, September 4, 2007
    Sycamore Pantry The best way to match solid wood and veneer is to make the veneer yourself. By John English Sometimes you just fall in love with a special kind of wood. For me, that wood is quartersawn sycamore, but I’ve never had a chance to build...
  • Furniture Society 2007- Members Show

    by AW-Editor     Sunday, July 29, 2007
    One great gathering and five great shows. Members' Show Camosun College Retrospective Show Camosun Student Chair Show Cultural Mosaic Show Cascadia Show Ball and Claw Bats by Hayami Arakawa Turned and carved oak Custom Case Boston, MA Wine Cabinet...