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Benchtop CNC Router Review


The buzz is growing around computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers--particularly around benchtop CNCs for the small and home shop. Why? I believe there are four reasons. First, an increasing number of small shop and home shop woodworkers are discovering the creative possibilities these machines offer. Second is the cost, which ranges from about $2000 to $6000. A benchtop CNC is still a major purchase when compared to most other pieces of small shop woodworking equipment, but the versatility of these machines is convincing many woodworkers that they’re worth the price. The third reason is size. Like other benchtop tools, you can store a CNC in a corner of your basement or garage. They easily fit on top of a mobile shop cart. Finally, is the general intrigue I believe most of us have with technology. Benchtop CNCs are pretty approachable even for the average non-techy woodworker.

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