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American Woodworker #145, Dec/Jan 2010 Preview


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Workshop Tips preview
Making an indexed edge guide, building a T-square jig for biscuit joints, flattening warped boards using a planer sled, steadying molding for sanding, using two handscrews to rout small parts, identifying parts with tape, making a perf-board template for shelf-pin holes, and using a jig for routing toe spaces in cabinet sides.  

Thrifty Woodworker  preview
Making a marking knife from a bandsaw blade, making a band clamp from a rubber band and string, practicing on a turning's waste area, making a corner clamping jig, using a featherboard to index narrow rip cuts, plumbing with a water jug, turning a planer knife into a drawknife, and using soda caps as standoffs.

Well-Equipped Shop preview
23 new tools you should know about.

My Shop preview
It's as comfortable as a favorite tool.

Great American Woodworker preview
A former minister discovers a new calling.

Tool Nut preview
Old machines often have advanced features.


Adjustable Height Assembly Table preview
Legs that ratchet up and down with ease. It's amazingly strong, light and cheap!


Greene and Greene Furniture Details preview
An expert woodworker talks about what really gets him excited.

 Office Cabinet preview
Store office necessities in style.

Arts & Crafts Hall Tree preview
Organize your gear with an oak classic.

Etched Brass Nameplates preview
Personalize your woodworking projects.

Tool Talk - New Tablesaw Blade Guards  preview
New tablesaw blade guards are easy to live with.

Oops! preview
A cabinet's back, put on the front.






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