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American Woodworker #147, April/May 2010 Preview


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Workshop Tips

Dovetailed Drill Press Table, Foam-Tubing Seal, Swing-Under Bench Tools, Testing for Square, Dust Separator Upgrade, Drill Press Mortiser, Picture Frame Glue-Up


Thrifty Woodworker.

Mixing with Pasta Sauce Jars, Window Blind Edge Guides, Cheap Blade Protectors, Magnetic Sandpaper Saver, Pie Plate Shim Stock, Tapering Jig Solves Bandsaw Drift


Well-Equipped Shop

Easy-to-Adjust Featherboards, Compact, Powerful Drills, Duplicator for a Mini-Lathe, Master Miter Saw, Small-Shop Slider, Professional Quality in a Compact Package, Neatnik's Vac, Craftsman Goes Granite, Safe, Smooth Tapers, Drill for Tight Spaces, Classic Saws, Redesigned Triton


My Shop

My Down Under Shop


Tool Nut

Trim Carpenter's Collection


Turning Wood

Turned Letter Opener & Butter Knife


Trestle-Style Dining Table

Graceful bent-laminated feet are super strong.


Restoring An Old Plane

An antique dealer's secret formula for turning gunk into glow.


Colonial Bench

Splayed legs add stability indoors or out.


Match Any Finish

Step boards are the key to success.


Push-Button Bandsaw Box

How do you open it? Just push the bottom drawer.


7 Tips Making Bandsaw Boxes

Extra tight curves, extra small blade.


Installing a Half-Mortise Doore Lock

Why use locks today?





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