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AW Web Extras Issue #154 June/July 2011



Small Tools Cabinet

Download plans for this benchtop toolbox.


Build Your Own French Doors

Learn how to build exterior French doors.


Outdoor Finish

If you want the wood to show through on your outdoor projects, you need a clear finish.



Wooden Storm Door

Learn how to build a wooden storm door.



Garden Bench

Get free plans for this garden bench, made with Miller Dowels.




Quick layout tip: Cut a perfect octagon.




Coming soon: Watch a digital probe in action.




Coming soon: See how Randy designed and machined a small box based on a traditional shell carving.




Here's a fun video on how to play Kubb, the lawn game. For more information about Kubb and the people who play it, here's a link to Kubbnation magazine. And here's a photo and description of a well-built tote box for carrying your Kubb set.





Watch the SheetFlipper in action.


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