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Web Extras Issue #157 December/January 2012




New Heads for Planers and Jointers

Get a closer look at the helical heads and carbide inserts for planers and jointers.



Brush Care

See how a pro cleans and maintains his fine brushes.


Moisture Meters

Pin or pinless? That's the most frequently asked question by woodworkers looking to buy a moisture meter. Here's more information on how to decide.


Limbert Footstool

Click here to download full-size patterns for the stool's leg and apron.


How to Make Through Dovetails

See how Mario Rodriguez cuts dovetails for his blanket chest.


Inlay Hand Tools

Find out more about using hand tools to make stringing inlay.


Divided-Light Doors

Learn how to use a router to make doors with multiple glass panes.


Custom Knobs

Here's how to turn them.


Brushing Shellac

See how a pro does it.


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