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Web Extras #158 February/March 2012




Carving Incised Letters
Part 1
Part 2

Jock Holmen demonstrates how to carve incised letters.



Circle-Cutting Jig

Richard Tendick shows how his circle-cutting jig works.


Tune Your Bandsaw

Learn how to tune up a bandsaw.


Handles for Turning Tools

Learn how to make and fit ferrules on tool handles.


Bandsaw Table Lock

Make a lock to prevent your bandsaw's table from tipping.


Hot Pipe Bending

How to use a hot pipe bending jig.


Mouse House

Download full-size patterns for the Mouse House.


Bowls by Bill Fink

See more free-form bowls by Bill Fink.


Simple Steam  Box

See how to build a simple steam box.


Handmade Chair Seats

Learn how to weave splint chair seats.


Shaker Child's Rocker

Download full-size patterns for the Shaker Child's Rocker.


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