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American Woodworker #158 February/March 2012 PREVIEW



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Shaker Child's Rocker

—Build a classic New Lebanon No. 1, with arms or without.

How to Make a Free-Form Bowl

—Put away the ruler, turn off the tablesaw, and have fun just playing with shapes!

Drill Press Mortising Fixture

—Cut mortises of any width and length in stock of virtually any size.

Mouse House

—An ideal project for learning how to make a bent lamination.

Bellflower Inlay

—Once you know the secret, this technique is surprisingly easy to learn.

Adjustable Circle-Cutting Jig

—Cut perfect circles up to 4' across!

Carving Incised Letters

—Create artistic signs the old-fashioned way.



Workshop Tips

CNC Workshop

Well-Equipped Shop

A Great American Woodworker

Turning Wood

My Shop



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