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American Woodworker #160 June/July 2012 PREVIEW



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Arts & Crafts Coat Rack

—Learn how to make large joints while building a project with only 6 pieces.

Wall Cabinet of Maple

—It’s all about the wood.

The Secrets of Spalted Maple

—What makes this wood so special? Fungus.

Alphabet Puzzle

—Dado a few sticks, then practice your ABCs.

Turned 3-Leg Stool

—Combine your woodworking and woodturning skills.

Tool Cabinet

—Store your planes and chisels where you sharpen them.

How to Install Knife Hinges

—They’re a sure sign of good craftsmanship, but are almost invisible.

Veneering on the Curve

—The ‘flat board first’ method enables you to veneer a curved part with any pattern you want.



Workshop Tips

CNC Workshop

Well-Equipped Shop

A Great American Woodworker

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