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American Woodworker #164 February/March 2013 Preview



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The Learning Cabinet

—Teach yourself how to precisely fit doors while building a useful utility cabinet.


Snazzy Frames

—Angled cuts and a simple jig create kookie shapes. Like … crazy, man. They’re cool.


Summer Table

—Perfect for a summer porch, this table is easy to take apart for storage during the winter.


Stacking Tool Cabinet

—Beautiful wood and stylish design turn an ordinary storage cabinet into one that says, “This was made by a true craftsman.”


How to Control Blotching

—Clear gel varnish works better than commercial wood conditioners.


The Design in Wood Exhibition

—A short history of the largest juried woodworking show in America.


8 Ways to Make Tenons

—A quick guide to their pros and cons.


17 Tips for Working Metal

—Every woodworker should know how to cut, file, drill and tap metal. Here are some basic smarts.




Workshop Tips

Well-Equipped Shop

A Great American Woodworker

Turning Wood



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