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Winter 2013-2014

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n-methyl pyrrolidone, characteristics and uses, 50:72,
Nagura stones, purpose and sources, 77:10
Nagyszalanczy, Sandor
 decorative banding, 58:46–58:48
 describes Roger Heitzman's shop, 67:68–67:69
 finishing disasters, salvaging, 60:44–60:47
 spice rack, 71:52–71:55
 wooden drawer slides, 63:54–63:56
Nail sets
  for small nails, 93:23
 magnetizing, for small nails, 93:23
  making, 91:20
 rectangular, making, 91:20
  cordless-compressor, 91:29
  features of, 102:68–72
  for tight spots, 103:34
  handling, 105:71–72
  hoses for, 105:72
  nails for, 105:72
 reviewed, 102:72, 102:74–75
nailers, powered. See pneumatic brad and finish
 Quicknail brad nailer, 103:34
Nailgun, Quicknail brad nailer, 103:34
nailing, no-mar, 71:38
 and staples
  combo gun for, 86:22
 and staples, combo gun for, 86:22
  pusher for, 88:50
 brad, pusher for, 88:50
 for exterior use, insert
 plier-holding, 91:91
 removing, 103:50
  brad setter for, 93:26
  magnetized starter for, 93:23
 small, magnetized starter for, 93:23
  bobby pin holder, 84:16
  compared to finish nails, 79:45
 clamp nails, 27:22–27:23
 cut nails
  history and use, 21:35
  reproduction, source, 22:23, 54:40
  source, 47:16, 53:34
  alternative to, 13:43–13:45
  source, 4:8
 square-cut, source, 4:52, 10:32, 66:20
Nakamura, Karen
 on composite woods, 105:26–33
Nakamura, Karen, on composite woods, 105:26–33
Nakashima, George
 natural-edge style and technique, 50:12
 obituary, 16:80
Nakashima-Yarnell, Mira, heat box by, 42:12
napkin holder, art deco style, 38:36–38:37
napkin rings, turned, 1:42–1:45, 58:50–58:51
nasty box, 29:42–29:43
Nathan, Cliff, folding screens, 60:57–60:63
National Hardwood Lumber Association
 grading standards, 84:42
 Rules for the Measurement and Inspection of
   Hardwoods and Cypress, 82:12
National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
  (NIOSH), dust mask recommendations, 80:68
natural-edge wood (also called free-edge wood or
 bowl-turning, 74:32
 designing with, 59:48–59:49
 finding, drying, and storing, 59:51
 techniques for working with, 50:12, 59:50
Nelson, John A.
 chest of drawers, 1:51–1:55
 child's wheelbarrow, 2:38–2:41
 Colonial silver tray, 67:46–67:47
 drafting for woodworkers, 6:52–6:56
 Forstner bit box, 5:29–5:31
 New England pipe box, 10:31–10:33
 schoolhouse clock, 10:18–10:23
 skittles game, 6:41–6:43
Neptune, Will, sharpening with India and Arkansas
  stones, 52:35
New Products column
 beadLock, 79:88
 Black & Decker's Firestorm cordless drill, 72:92
 Bosch 24-volt drill/driver, 78:90
 CMT industrio router table, 72:94
 Cordpro storage reel, 79:94
 Craftsman Ratchet Clamp, 78:92
 Crown parting tool, 72:94
 Delta 18-inch drum sander, 78:92
 Doughty Electronic Systems auto-switch, 80:96
 dust collector bags, 80:88
 dust collector impellers, 80:90
 dust collector remote control, 80:90
 Eagle America hose adapter, 73:88
 Fein Mini-Turbo shop vacuum, 79:92
 Giffin Tec Jack Rabbit countersink tip, 73:88
 Grand River face-grain knobs, 72:94
 Grizzly 6-inch jointer, 79:90
 Isobord straw sheet stock, 78:88
 JessEm Rout-R-Lift, 79:96
 Jet Tools air scrubbers, 80:94
 Kidde Fire Out Foam extinguisher, 79:97
 LRH Enterprises molding head, 78:84–78:86
 Master Gage/Pro, 72:92
 Multitool 362 add-on strip sander, 78:87
 Pentacryl green wood stabilizer, 79:95
 Ridgid oscillating belt and drum sander, 73:90
 Scoop Works Shop-Scoop, 80:90
 Sears 15-inch lathe, 73:90
 Sommerfeld Easy Mark, 72:92
 touch switch for cabinets, 78:94
 Zip Wall temporary enclosures, 73:90
New Yankee Workshop (television series), 7:17,
Newlove, Doug, wood for bowl turning, 54:44–54:47
NiCad batteries. See batteries
NiCd (nickel cadmium) batteries. See batteries
Nichols, Pat, on Johannes Michelsen, 47:22
nickel-cadmium batteries. See batteries
 Chinese-style, 34:32–34:35
 Greene and Greene style, 45:46–45:50
NiMH (nickel metal-hydride) batteries. See batteries
NIOSH. See National Institute of Occupational
  Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Nish, Dale
 turned mirror box, 23:49–23:51
 turned pepper mill, 19:36–19:39
 turned wooden pen, 20:27–20:31
Nishiki (chisel maker), 59:65
nitrocellulose lacquer, 56:90–56:92
Noah's Ark toys
 by Nick Engler and Mary Jane Favorite, 17:47
 by Steve Baldwin, 63:76–63:79
  reviewed, 93:32, 93:108
Noden, Adjust-A-Bench, reviewed, 93:32, 93:108
 room insulation for, 99:14
Noise, room insulation for, 99:14
Norelli, Charlie
 designing a hunting bow, 32:50
 laminated recurve hunting bow, 32:48–32:51
North State
  reviewed, 88:88–89, 90:26–27
North State, bandsaws, reviewed, 88:88–89,
Norton Abrasives
 sandpaper, 96:29
Norton Abrasives, sandpaper, 96:29
 sawmills, 112:77
 with tablesaw, 89:88
Notches, with tablesaw, 89:88
 lathe 3000
  reviewed, 98:96–97
Nova, lathe 3000, reviewed, 98:96–97
 router-table plate
  reviewed, 85:87
NuCraft, router-table plate, reviewed, 85:87
Nupla Corporation
 mallet Thumper, 102:32
Nupla Corporation, mallet Thumper, 102:32


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