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Gorilla Tape Tough & Wide Roll


Gorilla Tape Tough & Wide Roll

Meet the biggest, baddest, toughest, and widest roll of tape. Ever.

Gorilla Tape, the premium all purpose tape that adheres to surfaces most other tapes won’t, like brick, stucco, concrete, rough lumber and more, is now available in a Tough and Wide roll—Simply the biggest, baddest, toughest, and widest tape on the market.

Measuring nearly three inches across and 30 yards long, Gorilla Tough and Wide now covers more surface area and creates a stronger bond for all applications. The new, larger Gorilla Tape makes quick work of big projects.

Gorilla Tape features:

Double-thick adhesive: With 17 mils of adhesive – two times more than the amount commonly found in other all-purpose tape— Gorilla Tape fills gaps for a stickier grip, especially in applications involving imperfect surfaces.

Strong, reinforced backing: Gorilla Tape’s reinforced webbed backing has a higher thread count than the current industry standard, which allows for enhanced flexibility and durability, yet it can be ripped by hand. The woven texture improves its ability to conform to most any surface feature.

Rugged, all-weather shell: The abrasion resistant, all-weather shell provides a tight barrier against moisture to hold the bond securely under the most extreme weather conditions and harsh UV rays. It can withstand extreme temperatures, below freezing and above 170 degrees, a point when most other tapes fail.

Since its market introduction in 2006, Gorilla Tape has become one of the most talked about new products in the adhesive category.

The Gorilla Tape Tough and Wide roll will be available at retailers nationwide starting in May 2010. Gorilla Tape is also available in 12 and 35 yard rolls, as well as a Handy 1" roll.

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