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Adjustable Tongue-and-Groove Set


Adjustable Tongue-and-Groove Set

Lots of tongue-and-groove router bit sets are designed for 3/4-in. material. They cut 1/4-in. tongues and 1/4-in. grooves. A new bit set from Freud ($70) is adjustable. So why is this a big deal? Adjustability means you can use this set for stock from 1/2-in. to 1-1/4-in. thick.

You can make grooves (and matching tongues) from 7/32-in. to 3/8-in.wide in .004-in. increments, by slipping shims between the cutters.Each bit has its own set of shims.According to Freud, the tongues and grooves will match as long as you shim each bit by the same amount.

Tongue-and-groove joints can be used for mounting breadboard ends on tables or to make cabinet doors. When making doors, the adjustable slot cutter is great because you can adjust it to make grooves that fit 1/4-in. plywood,which is almost always less than 1/4-in. thick.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker February 2002, issue #92.

February 2002, issue #92

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