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Question about Wooden Storm Door article in AWW #88 August 2001


I'm building a screen door based on the above-named article in AWW #88 by Tim Johnson. It will be a screen door only for a screened porch. My question has to do with the door grid depicted in the cover photo and on page 59. I like that grid and want to build it. The measurements are provided but no instructions on how to build it. I assume the inner joints are half laps but am wondering if there's a particular sequence or procedure for cutting and gluing it up. Page 63 refers to a method for assembling an ornamental grid (and the picture shows a brad nailer being used). I'm wondering if that is how Tim envisioned the door grid in the lead photo being assembled. I've got the frame of the door built and glued up; eager to turn my attention to the grid. Many thanks for any guidance anyone can provide.