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Winter 2013-2014

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Dust Collection With A Twist




JDS' latest dust collector brings something new to the single- stage market. A unique airflow adjustment knob fine-tunes the airflow into the bag plenum. A twist of the knob controls a baffle that assures both collector bags receive equal amounts of wood chips and fill at the same time. The 3hp Dust Force combines a large 13-in. impeller with an 8-in. diameter inlet to deliver up to 2500 cfm of airflow. That's enough to collect from two machines  at once. The 1-micron bag filters are efficient enough to collect the finest dust–even from drum or wide belt sanders. Optional 1-micron canisters are also available.
The two plastic collection bags provide 84-gallons of storage capacity. That means more run time before you have to empty the collector.
Despite its size and heft, this collector is portable and can be rolled to where it's needed. Or–it can be built into a central collection system.

JDS Company,, (800) 480-7269, JDS 3HP Dust Force, #148528, 1-micron bag filters, $870; 1-micron canister filters, $1,110.

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