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Winter 2013-2014

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Laguna Introduces Platinum Series Jointer/Planers




Laguna's new Platinum Series makes European-style machines more affordable for small shops. These machines are manufactured in Taiwan, and according to Laguna, use the same high standards as their European-built machines. Laguna's Platinum Series combination jointer/planers are available in two sizes, 12-in. or 10-in. In addition to saving space, these machines offer a couple of other big advantages. First, jointing-width capacity matches planing-width capacity, so you don't have to rip wide boards for jointing before planing them. Second, you only have one cutterhead to maintain. According to Laguna, changing from one operation to another takes about thirty seconds. The jointer tables are fully-adjustable and designed to remain dead-flat and coplanar following changes of operation. Slots in the tables near the cutterhead help to reduce noise. The 12-in. machine shown above features a 60-in.-long bed for jointing and a 30-in.-long bed for planing. It's equipped with a four-knife cutterhead, a 3-hp 230-volt motor and weighs in at 760 lbs. The 10-in. machine has a 42-in. jointer bed and a 24-in. planer bed. It comes with a three-knife cutterhead, a 1-1/2-hp 230-volt motor and weighs 326 lbs. Spiral cutterheads with indexed carbide-insert cutters are available as additional cost accessories for both machines.

Laguna Tools,, (800) 234-1976, 12” Jointer/Planer, A175005, $2495; 12-in. Spiral Cutterhead w/ carbide inserts, $300; 10-in. Jointer/Planer, A175003, $1495; 10-in. Spiral Cutterhead w/ carbide inserts, $250.

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