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Winter 2013-2014

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Cool New Jigsaws



Hey, the days of Grandpa's noisy old hard-to-steer, blade-poppin' saber saw are over. New jigsaws from Bosch and Metabo are fine examples of today's what-a-pleasure-to-use jigsaws. The Bosch 1590EVSK and Metabo STE105 Plus share great features, such as tool-free blade changes, variable speed and dust collection. Both machines have blade guides close to the foot, providing great blade support for accurate cuts. Electronic variable speed keeps both machines plowing through even thick stock at a constant speed. Both saws come with zero-clearance inserts that help reduce splintering on the blade's upstroke, no-mar bases to prevent scratching delicate surfaces and blowers to keep the line of cut clear. The Bosch machine has a 6.4-amp motor, which Bosch says is the most powerful on the market. Setting the foot for angled cuts is tool-free. When the blade release is activated, the blade, or what's left of it, is spit out with gusto. This is handy when blades break off right at the end of the motor shaft. The blower can be turned on if you're not using dust collection or off when you're using a vacuum. The dust hose hookup is an accessory. This saw is available as a top handle; a barrel grip is expected to be ready in September. The Metabo STE105 Plus saw has a 6-amp motor. An Allen wrench is required for changing the foot angle. Blade changes are tool-free, but you must pull the old blade out of the motor shaft. The dust hose hookup is included. The saw is available with a top handle or barrel grip.

Bosch, (877) Bosch99,, Jigsaw, 1590EVSK, $170, Dust hose hookup, JA1005, $20.
Metabo, (800) 638-2264,,  Jigsaw, STE105 Plus, $180.

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