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Winter 2013-2014

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Dry Lubricant for Woodworking Machines




Forget the gym—I've been getting a workout from raising and lowering the blade on my tablesaw. Years of dust and the inherent friction between cast-iron parts made adjustments a real drag. ProGold's PG2000, $7 for 12 oz., rescued me and my saw, making adjustments silky smooth again. PG2000 loosens parts that are sticking together and leaves behind a coating that takes the drag out of making machine adjustments. Because it's a dry coating, it won't grab the dust the tool is spitting out. PG2000 is a petroleum-based product that contains no solids, so it can't build up. In other words, there's no such thing as using too much. Use it anyplace metal parts are in contact or where you're arm wrestling parts to make them work together. It works great on the outside of router motors, making it easier to slide the router in and out of the base—a bonus for any router, but especially one in a router table. PG2000 comes in an aerosol can with a long nozzle so you can get into tight spots. A 12-oz. can holds a lot of spritzes, so one can will last a long time. It's not a tabletop lubricant but is designed just for internal parts.

Woodcraft Supply, (800) 225-1153,, ProGold PG2000, #816335, $7 for 12 oz.

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