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Winter 2013-2014

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New Glue for Outdoor Projects





Franklin International has built the better mousetrap and introduced Titebond III. It has a longer open working time and lower working temperature. The open working time is 10 minutes as compared to the 5 minutes of Titebond II. Titebond III can also be used at temperatures down to 47 degrees while Titebond II is only good down to 55 degrees. Titebond III is good news for woodworkers whose shop is on the chilly side. On the down side, Titebond III has a shelf life of only one year, whereas Titebond II will stay good for up to four years. Titebond III also costs about 25 percent more than Titebond II.
Polyurethane glue is another good glue for outdoor wood projects and has the added benefit of bonding nonwood materials to wood, something Titebond II?and III don't offer. Polyurethane has an open working time of 20 minutes, which is good when you have a complex project to assemble. Polyurethane needs moisture present in order to cure, making it a good choice when bonding wood with high moisture content, such as construction lumber that has only been air-dried. Excessive moisture retards the curing of Titebond III. Squeeze-out from polyurethane glue can be a real bear to clean up and requires the use of mineral spirits. Polyurethane is also about twice the price of Titebond III.

Franklin International, (800) 877-4583,, Titebond III, $5 for 8 oz.

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