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Cordless Drill Stand





Even though most cordless drills are designed to stand on their own, they still fall over easily. Mine took one too many dives off the workbench. This drove me to build this stand to give my drill a secure home. It also provides a handy place to keep my most commonly used driver bits. 


To make the stand, I glued and screwed together boards that are 1 in. thick by 6 in. wide. I positioned the holster board (B) at a comfortable grabbing angle of 60 degrees. The holster slot measures 2 in. wide by 3-1/2 in. deep. The angles on the brace (A) are 15 degrees at the top and 45 degrees at the bottom. You may need to adjust the angles and dimensions to match your particular drill.







bricofleur wrote re: Cordless Drill Stand
on 06-13-2009 10:51 AM

Thanks for this idea. This stand will be great to hold my tipping Porter-Cable 9.6V cordless drill.

I'm out to the workshop!

How about a wider stand to hold all my cordless drills?