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Drill Press Cabinet


Drill Press Cabinet

Turn wasted space into storage space.

By Jean Bartholome

In my cramped little shop, every square foot counts. With that in mind I designed this cabinet to fit in the wasted space under the table of my floor-model drill press. The top drawer holds (vertically) all the twist bits and brad-point bits a person could ever accumulate, and the lower drawers hold sanding drums, spade bits (horizontally), plug cutters and all the rest of the drill press paraphernalia. If you ever need to drill into something 4-ft. thick, the cabinet slides out easily.

An important feature of this cabinet is the drawers that have extra-long slides to give you full-extension. I sized my cabinet to fit my Delta 17-in. drill press, model 17-900 and made it all from birch plywood.

To build the cabinet, cut all parts, including the top cutout. Then screw and glue parts A and B. Screw on the sides, then attach slides and top. Nail and glue together the drawer boxes, then nail on the bottoms to square them up. Now attach the slides and install them in the cabinet. Using double-stick tape, attach the drawer fronts so there is a uniform gap all around. Screw on the fronts, attach pulls and bingo, you’ve got storage space.


(Note: Product availability and costs are subject to change since original publication date.)

Woodworker’s Supply, 800-645-9292Eight 20" single-extension bottom-mount drawer slides; e.g. Alfit 878-197; 21⁄2" utility screws, brads, four drawer pulls, eight #8 x 1" round-head screws.

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This story originally appeared in American Woodworker February 2000, issue #78.

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Jeff wrote re: Drill Press Cabinet
on 04-03-2009 11:25 PM

I liked your plan, but I have a bench drill press. So I changed the plan alittle bit to accomidate my drill press and added locking wheels. That way I can roll it where I need it and put it out of the way when I am using a different tool



wern2gates wrote re: Drill Press Cabinet
on 04-13-2009 8:25 AM

drillpress cabinet