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Winter 2013-2014

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Bench-Mount Clamp








The new Versa Clamp, $35, from TS Tool Co., is a quick-acting clamp that doubles as a holding device on your workbench. It comes with two mounting brackets that you can permanently mount to your bench. The clamp easily slips in and out of the brackets. The Versa Clamp has one sliding jaw and one fixed jaw to provide a 20-in. maximum capacity. Both jaws are padded. The clamp tightens with a cam action on the fixed jaw. Simply slide the loose jaw against your work and pivot the handle on the fixed jaw to apply pressure and lock everything in place. 





Compared with many other quick-acting clamps, the Versa Clamp exerts quite a bit more pressure but is more expensive and doesn’t act as a spreader. In practice, I found the Versa Clamp very handy. It has enough grab to act like a vise on a bench and, when used like a conventional clamp, it can pull unwieldy joints closed. Versa Clamp is available directly from the manufacturer.