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Winter 2013-2014

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Glowing Glue






Oh, it’s a sneaky devil. That little bit of squeeze-out that was left behind when you glued up your project. It hides, unseen until you get the first coat of finish on. There, glaring at you, is a spot that won’t take finish. You can shed some light on this problem —black light, that is—by using Titebond Fluorescent Glue, $9 a quart, to assemble your projects. The glue glows under a black light, showing you any smears left on your project, so you can remove the residue before you apply a finish.


Titebond Fluorescent is the same formula as Titebond Original, so it has the same working characteristics, plus the fluorescent additive, for about $2 more a quart. The fluorescent glue glows under black light whether the glue is wet or dry, but it’s easiest to do your cleanup while the glue is still wet. Black-light bulbs are available at home centers for about $10 each. Titebond Fluorescent is available in 1-quart and 5-gallon buckets.