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Hideaway Tool Stand


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My bench grinder is out of the way but instantly accessible, thanks to this sturdy flip-up table. It works great and it’s simple to make. You’ll only need a scrap of 3/4-in. plywood that’s 1/2-in. narrower than the overhang, four 3-in. butt hinges, a strap hinge and a length of 1x4. 






Build It


1. Mount three butt hinges to the underside of the plywood table, with the barrels centered on the edge.


2. Fasten the table to the benchtop. 


3. Install the remaining butt hinge on the far side of the foot. Make sure it’s aligned with the outer hinge on the table.


4. Make the hinged brace from two 1x4s of equal length. The brace’s overall length is the distance between the barrels of the two centered hinges with the table fully open. 


5. Attach one 1x4 to the foot hinge and the other to the top hinge. Rejoin the two halves by attaching the strap hinge. 


6. Fasten the 10-in.-long brace lock to the upper 1x4.


7. Install pivoting support blocks to hold the table in the folded-under position.


8. Open the table and install the benchtop tool of your choice.