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Winter 2013-2014

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$30 Screwdriver for Tight Spaces




It’s easy to end up in tight spaces when you’re driving screws. Drawer slides, for example, often end up in places where it’s hard to fit a standard cordless drill. Right angle drills are great, but are typically pretty expensive for a tool you use once in a while.

Black & Decker’s cordless two-position Pivot Driver ($30) is a much less expensive way to get into small spaces. The driver head pivots to make it easier to get at those nooks and crannies. The driver works in forward and reverse, and can also be locked. This is handy if you need to manually start or finish a screw.

This 3.6-volt driver isn’t designed to handle big screws, but it’s perfect for the small screws that come with drawer slides and other hardware components.