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Cable-Tie Cord Management






My power tool cords were always in a tangle, so I finally did something about it. All it took was a couple of cable ties; a small standard one and a large resealable one. I drilled a couple of tiny holes in the resealable tie (near its clasp) and inserted the small standard tie. Then I fastened the small tie to my power cord. I use the resealable tie to hold the power cord when it is coiled up. It’s a quick and convenient way to keep your power cords neat and orderly, and the ties stay with the cord.Cable ties usually come in bags of 50 or 100. I don’t have that many power tools but I’ve found lots of handy uses for these ties around the house and yard.







willliammurray wrote re: Cable-Tie Cord Management
on 08-28-2010 12:55 AM

A knowledge bank for Cable-Tie Cord Management . A new learning for me.