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Drill Press Table


Drill Press Table

By Tom Caspar

Standard drill press tables may be fine for metalworking, but they sure are frustrating to use in a woodshop. Attaching a fence with woodworking clamps is a pain in the neck; finding a clean backer board can be a real challenge; and building a contraption for your sanding drum makes you wonder, isn’t there a better drill press table out there somewhere?

Sure there is, if you don’t mind spending some serious money. You could shell out the dough to order a drill press table from a catalog and add more dough to buy all the accessories designed for it. Ouch!

We’ve kicked around lots of ideas in the AW workshop and designed a topnotch drill press table you can make in a few hours for far less money. The materials are simple and probably already in your shop. You don’t need to buy any fancy metal hardware, clamps or knobs. Joinery is equally easy, but you will need a dado blade for your tablesaw.

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This story originally appeared in American Woodworker April 2001, issue #86.