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Ultimate Sharpening Station


Ultimate Sharpening Station

Everything you need to make a razor-sharp edge is right at your fingertips.

By Brad Holden

If your sharpening supplies are scattered all over your shop, here’s a project designed to keep them in one place. This station holds everything you need for grinding, lapping and honing, with room to spare for storing tools.

Picture this: you’re grinding at the perfect height for precision work. When you’re done, you push the grinder back out of the way and vacuum or wipe off grinding dust from the cabinet’s plastic laminate surface. You pull a rubber mat from its storage pocket, retrieve your stones from one of the drawers, and you’re ready to hone.

That mat is really terrific. It’s made from flexible but firm solid rubber. Water can’t soak in; it just makes puddles. Better yet, stones stay put, as if they were locked in place.

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The station’s top is designed to survive water, grit, oil and shop dings. Begin building the top by gluing thick, solid edging to an MDF substrate. Level the edging with coarse sandpaper, then glue on an oversized piece of plastic laminate.

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Trim the laminate flush to the edging by routing a large chamfer.

Glue T-track into the slots with epoxy. Add screws to clamp the T-track in place.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker October 2007, issue #131.

October 2007, issue #131

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