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Craftsman and Artist Transforms Stock Piano into Ferrari-Inspired Work of Art


The Grand Rossa

A craftsman and artist transforms a stock piano into a Ferrari-inspired work of art.

28-year-old Justin Elliott, a craftsman from Florida, embarked on a journey eight years ago to enhance the appearance of the piano. To do so, he began designing and handcrafting custom piano legs using rare, superior species of wood to create spirals, arcs and other design elements to transform the piano into a work of art.

After completing his first design, Elliott realized the magnificent wooden structure also enhanced the piano’s sound, providing greater clarity by changing the instrument’s resonant structure and integrating acoustics into the leg.

Today, Elliott (who has since founded ResInno Piano Innovation and Design), who seldom using blueprints or sketches to ensure undeniably unique designs, has four designs available for purchase. Each is hand shaped to perfection and affects the piano’s “voice” differently depending on its shape. And this month, ResInno has unveiled its raciest design yet.

The Grand Rossa, named after Ferrari’s 1957 Testa Rossa race car and painted in the iconic Ferrari red called Rossa Corsa, boasts sleek curves forming semi helixes on the front legs, and a prolonged arch stemming from the tail leg which appears to flow through the piano.

The design has caught the attention of Ferrari of Tampa Bay where it is currently on display on the 28,000 square-foot showroom floor alongside the race cars that inspired its name and design.

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