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And then there was Sparrowhawk. . .


After 33 years of life and 20 years of computer literacy, I am now sitting down to write my first blog post.  It feels a little weird talking to a large empty internet.  

Outside in my "shop" is my first woodworking project of any real scope.  I've made shelves and cabinets before, but nothing special to speak of.  But outside in my "shop" is our new dining room table as requested by my wife.  It's a farmhouse table made from a 100 year old heart pine door salvaged from a house outside of Rosedale in the Mississippi Delta.  I also managed some heart pine planks that still have the original wallpaper on them.  You should see this stuff - really amazing.  

Tomorrow you will.  I'm going to give this blogging thing a shot and hope that my new woodworking hobby gives me enough projects and enough fun to fill a blog about my adventures.  Pictures of the table coming tomorrow.

And now back to the music. . .

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