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Old Pin-nic Table


 That I re-cycled into a TV Table.      I had about eight pieces of 2x6s from an old, non-treated Pin-nic table.     I re-sawed some into useful pieces, cross-cut others into a top.    The wood turned out to be redwood.    The style requested was to be a "Mission Style" table, withe a center shelf and a divider.     Since the top was to hold a large big screen TV, I left the top's boards at 1-3/8" thick.    Came out a bit rough after the four board glue-up, so i used a liberty Bell hand pland to level things out.    Aprons were to have a nice curve to them.      The leg to apron joints were mortise & tenon, with the mortises chopped out with a chisel.   All the shelves were plywood, with the center divider "half-lapped' in place.   The center shelf, and the divider were notched half-way across, to allow each to slide together.   A picture of the finished table.

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Steve Newman wrote re: Old Pin-nic Table
on 11-09-2010 8:19 PM

If I can figure out how to post more than one picture, I could show some of the steps to make this little table.