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Floating top able


A pine table with a "floating top".    Tapered legs done with just a handplane.     Drawer front's grain matches the grain in the front apron, since it was cut out from that board.    ***-beading around drawer opening fills in the saw kerf.    Top is a three board glue-up, with a nice curve cut on all four edges.    Front and back aprons have a "double cloud" cut away.    Side aprons are inset, to form a "box" around the drawer.   Top sits on a collar inside this box.  Collar sticks up about 1/2' above the aprons.   Collar also acts as a "kicker" to keep the drawer from tipping down when it is open.    About a good, full weekend end to build, with another three days to apply the stain ( darkWalnut) and three coats of gloss Poly.    I'd post more pictures, IF I knew how.

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Steve Newman wrote re: Floating top able
on 11-10-2010 5:08 PM

I posted a few PIP pictures over at my site.  If you care to look in.    I seem to like gloss on my projects.  

phillip wrote re: Floating top able
on 11-12-2010 3:26 PM

Looks great!  What's the link to your site (for the additional pictures)?