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Build a Quilt Rack, Windsor style


Glue ups with some of the arms in place

Parts, two top rails, a spindle shaped, a foot and an arm

Fitted up, posts were turned on on my lathe

Some stain and a coat of varnish

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Steve Newman wrote re: Build a Quilt Rack, Windsor style
on 11-13-2010 10:25 PM

 Just like a Windsor chair, this uses about five different woods.    Where it was needed for strength, oak was used,   birch dowels, and two "shaker Pegs' for the finials.   Spindles were shaped from 1/2" slats from a pallet,  with the round part being made with a spokeshave.   The "knife edges' on the spindles were done with just a block plane.  The twin arched top rails were bandsawn from the same board, and the spindles wedged in place.    Bottom rail is just a straight rail.   Too busy?