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How I build a chest of drawers


end panels

web frames

details of the frames

face frames and drawers.  Top in place

Details of top's frame, showing a center stretcher.  Plywood top sits in the rabbet around the edges.   More to follow later...

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Steve Newman wrote re: How I build a chest of drawers
on 11-14-2010 12:09 PM

In the last picture;  yep, that's a hand-cut dovetail.  This brace is for the center area of the 1/4" thick plywood top.  In the web-frames, a couple of nails hold the joints together while the glue sets.  That center rib acts as a kicker.   The TOP of a drawer rides under the kicker, and the kicker keeps the drawer from tipping down when you open it.    I do not use metal "glides" in my chest of drawers,  I just use the web-frames.   The corner posts are 1' thick, by 3" wide.    The panels and rails are 1/2" thick for the panels, and 3/4' for the rails.   The rails have a rabbet for the panels to sit in (no glue) and another rabbet on the ends to fit in a rabbet in the corner posts.  Rails are nailed and glued in place, and a nail or two holds the panels, with a spot of glue in the post's rabbet at the center of each panel.   The "feet" are just a bevel cut that goes from 1" square out to 3" wide, in about 5".   That 5" height allows for cleaning under the case.