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more from that chest of drawers


Details of the end panels and the top's frame

the 'wood pile', from old barn siding, most of this went into the end panels

Drawer construction, just dovetails on the fronts, with a dado for the backs

Corner joint for the top's frame.   That screw goes into the case's corner post, and is covered by the plywood top.    1/4" Luann plywood is used for the top panel.  

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Steve Newman wrote re: more from that chest of drawers
on 11-14-2010 11:56 AM

In the first picture, you'll see three screw holes at each web-frame location.  This is how I attach the webframes in place.   I then use a plug cutter to make matching plugs out of the same wood ( scraps/cut-offs) to cover the screws.  In the third picture, you'll see a wide rabbet on the right.    This is so that the parts that show will look the same.   The rabbet is make on the tablesaw in two cuts, and leaves a groove where they meet.  This groove will capture any glue when the plywood panel is glued down.   That miter cut was done on the bandsaw for the complicated cut, and just a miter saw for the smaller piece.