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Old water bed=new sofa table


glue-ups, end view

Top and bottom shelf added

All the parts, but the plywood shelf from water bed frames, to this

Which's Brew Walnut stain.   Size is 16" wide(top)  by 48" long, with the legs at 32" high.    About a weekend's work.

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Steve Newman wrote re: Old water bed=new sofa table
on 11-13-2010 10:33 PM

 I had two 2x8 side rails, and an end rail from an old waterbed.   Stain a bad walnut flavour.    No warpping, and the knots were nice and solid.    The thinner parts were just resawn  on my tablesaw.   Mortises and tenon joints hold things together.   Shelf sits on cleats.    Front and back aprons have a nice curved profile to them.  Top was beveled with a handplane around the outside edges.  Mortises were chopped with just a chisel.   Tenons on the aprons were beveled so that they meet inside the legs.