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Reclaimed lumber


Picked up some boards that were thrown away at a remodel project down the street

and I needed a railing for a front porch

and ripped a few boards down for the slatsto make this railing

just a screw at the top and bottom, and then some white paint:

Cost was for some screws, and a quart can of white primer.   The posts were already there, all I needed to make was a railing.

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Steve Newman wrote re: Reclaimed lumber
on 11-16-2010 12:36 PM

I  added 2x2 blocks under the bottom rail.   The slats are about 23" long.  The vertical rails( that form the "T" shape) are ripped from a couple of those wide boards.   I just set the saw for the center abd ran the board through.  That screen door was also shop-made, from old floor boards.   A plastic screen-guard was added.   The railing matches the slope of the concrete porch, not the roof.   A couple self-drilling/self-tapping screws fasten it to that metal corner post.   The siding job was also mine, in exchange for rent.  That porch roof was also rebuilt, as it was falling apart from rot.   Half the rafters were replaced, as well as the sheathing.   New felt and shingles.   As for the boards themselves, I had a bunch of nails to remove before I could use them on the railing.