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What to do with an extra board?


When i made that Floating top table, I had an extra 1x8x6'  pine board.  Needed a small project for this board.   I came up with a "chair' of sorts, called a "Pouting Chair".   Although this one would be a bit small,  one could put a doll or some other figurine on the seat.   Simple butt joints, with plug-covered screws.    Mostly done on the bandsaw.  A few pictues of this little chair ( remember, this is out of just a piece of 1x8):

A sideview:

front view:

under the seat

sitting in a "real" chair.       I kept some of the cut-outs, to provide stock to make plugs with.   Those screw holes showing in that last picture are covered up with the plugs from the same board.  Nothing is wasted here.

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Carl Turner wrote re: What to do with an extra board?
on 11-19-2010 7:38 PM

That's a good looking chair from a single board.  Is that just a light sanding and a wood stain finish?

Steve Newman wrote re: What to do with an extra board?
on 11-19-2010 8:11 PM

 That would be a bit of sanding, some Ipswich Pine stain, and a coat of gloss poly.    All those screw holes were plugged and hand plane smooth.   Thank you for looking in