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A "Windsor Style" Quilt rack.


I had some scrap wood around the shop,  a couple 2xs from a pallet, some pine and Poplar slats, and a "need' to make a quilt rack.    I turned two end posts from one of the pallet's 'runners', and  bandsawed a few other parts.   Four 'feet", four "arms", two curved crest rails, and some "spindles".     Feet and arms were more of that 2x runner.     The two crest rails were bandsawn from another.   As for those spindles,   I bandsawed them the a rough outline.    Then some work with a spokeshave to round the ends into a 1/2"  dowel shape.    The middle part of each spindle was then block plane to a knife edge on the outside edges.  Some sanding to make thing smooth.    All the  legs and the straight bottom rail, plus the two curved crest rails were mortised and tenoned together.    The arms used screws from the nuderside to attach them to the posts.    The 'finials" on top of the posts are just a couple "Shaker" pegs.  Counting the birch dowels between the arms ( to hold the quilts) there are five woods in this little quilt rack.    Oak and Ash, and poplar for the main items.   Those spindles used pine, and poplar slats from that same pallet.  

A shot of the glue up.   You can see the posts, the feet, and one set of arms.  There is a clamp across the middle to keep the crest rails from bowing up.

A spindle, those crest rails, and a foot.    Spindle is Ash.   You can see the block planed knife edges, and the spokeshaved ends.

How the spindles pass through those crest rails.   I had to make a jig to drill through both crest rails and into the bottom rail.   Spindles were later trimed on the ends, and a sawkerf was added.  A wedge was then use to fix the spindles in place.

Yep, a lot of woods here, no worry though, they all come together just fine.

A coat of stain to even everything out.   A couple coats of gloss Poly to finish things up.    Any questions?

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Steve Newman wrote re: A "Windsor Style" Quilt rack.
on 12-12-2010 10:57 PM

This quilt eack is actually light weight.   It will hold two large quilts with no problems. The bottom rail is just a straight piece of 4/4 oak, about 3" wide.  It sit in a mortise and tenon joint between the two posts,   The feet are out-set tenoned so the the tenons bypass each other in the posts.  I drove a pair of 1" finishing nails through this joint t lock things together.  The straight rail buts up against this joint.  

The arms are held in place with a screw from underneath the arm.   I counter bored the inside of the arm to hold the 3/4" dowel rods that hold the quilts. On the outside of the arms, a screw hole was drilled and counter bored.  After the screw was installed, a plug covered the screw head.  

This is  the second one of these I've built. The first one was out of all white oak, with the spindles out of a Brazil type of hardwood that looked alot like Mahogany.   That wood came to me as a tongue  & Grooved box for transporting rubber bales from Brazil.   Kind of a reddish brown in color, but when a coat of clear Poly was added, it turned  a deep red.

lakedawnjohn wrote re: A "Windsor Style" Quilt rack.
on 11-16-2012 7:52 PM

Very nice work and good job recycling material.