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Homemade table saw fence


With just three pieces of scrap wood.    The oak cleat rides on this Dewalt Jobsite Tablesaw's fence rail.    The plywood triangle has a factory edge and a square corner.     I clamp these two to the saw, aligning with a miter slot.    Once everything is squared up, I  screw the cleat in place.     A piece of 1x2 pine is next:

Screwed to the plywood, using the factory edge as a guide.     Two "C" clamps will hold the fence in place, when using this fence on the saw.     Cleat keeps things aligned  with the miter slot, wich SHOULD be parrallel to the blade.   Another view:

You can also use this jig to guide routers, or as a speedsquare to guide a circular saw.      Just clamp in place and cut.     Need a taller fence?     Remove the 1x2, and add a taller board in the same location.     Add some corner blocks to keep the tall fence straight. 

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Geoff Scott wrote re: Homemade table saw fence
on 07-15-2011 2:37 AM

With a couple of reinforcing triangles of wood located at each end of your present 1x2 and some flat stock aluminum glued to the backside of the 1x2, you could actually make some slip on jigs such as a tall fence secured with machine screws tightened down against the aluminum flat stock to prevent slippage. This would improve the versatility of your setup. I also picture a number of other things such as a sliding push stick for smaller boards cradled over the top of that 1x2 if it were waxed up enough to make it slippery, or use some "slippery tape" over the top. Just some thoughts.

johnmonzell wrote re: Homemade table saw fence
on 07-26-2013 1:04 PM

better accuracy than locking fence supplied with my original saw.  thanks for the idea.