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Tool chest for the Dungeon Shop


Not really a blog, this time.  Will IF someone wants to read it.    Needed a chest to store most of my handtools.    Had four planks of Black Walnut, and a few of Pine.    Using a set of already done Sycamore boards that were raised panel by a handplane as a guide for the side's size.   Frame and panel for all the outside sides.   Three board glue up for the lid.    And a few Pine trays.The tray will lift out, one was designed as a tote to carry tools to the workbench.  The chisel tray will sit on a lip on the tote tray.   Chest is about 20" high, front to back size is 18" or so, lid is 28-1/2"  long.   Mainly done with hand tools.

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Steve Newman wrote re: Tool chest for the Dungeon Shop
on 04-06-2014 3:12 PM

Those raised panels were done using a Paul Sellers' tip.   Just a hand plane was used to form the ebveled edges.   A Wards 78 was used to add a rebate around the inside edges to allow a better fit in the grooves.    ironic, but I picked up a 1/4" plough plane AFTER the chest was done, had to use a corded router with a 1/4" straight bit to cut the grooves.  

Like them feet?   taken a tip from the Blanket Chests I make.  Top of chest is about the right height to serve as a place to sit at the bench, while sawing dovetails.

Wilson Stevens wrote re: Tool chest for the Dungeon Shop
on 05-08-2014 9:55 PM

Nice storage for your tools. I like the contrasting woods use, though it seems like you used what you had, which is always a good idea. About how many hours did it take you to build do you know or can you estimate. I have an old chest from 1930's, but want to make one of my own as a coffee table for the living room if I want to store it there. However I am in my 70's and have had a heart attack, and a number of joints replaced, so don't know if I can tackle this large a project or not. Any advice would be appreciated.

Steve Newman wrote re: Tool chest for the Dungeon Shop
on 05-29-2014 11:05 AM

Took a few weekends, a few mis-steps along the way, and had to buy a couple tools, too.

Had a Quad Bypass three years ago.   Box was made down in my basement shop.    Thing is heavy...EMPTY.    IF I need to move it out of the shop, I WILL get some help.  

What was on hand did the trick.